How do we prevent stress and anxiety? Practicing yoga helps us and we can choose specific positions.

Various researches confirm that asana, pranayama and meditation relax the nervous system and therefore have a positive effect on the quality of life.

Very often, stress , anxiety and insomnia go hand in hand and we end up not sleeping well. Instead, practicing some yoga positions, integrated with meditative practices, helps us bring the nervous system back into balance. In particular, the parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated, which promotes relaxation.

Yoga poses for preventing stress

Some positions therefore help us a lot let’s see which:


The seated forward bend pose produces a whole series of benefits:

  • helps to release muscle tension
  • allows to relax the nervous system thanks to the stretching of the back. At first it may seem difficult to fully stretch your legs and back, but as you practice the ligaments of the muscles loosen. It’s important to work a lot on the breath, thanks to which the joint and muscle blocks dissolve

Paschimottanasana leads the body to bend forward and this helps to relax the mind.

posizioni yoga per prevenire lo stress


Balasana or child’s pose is very relaxing. It’s perfect to be practiced in the evening, because it releases tension and stress. So it promotes a good sleep. We can also use a pillow to make it even more comfortable.



posizioni yoga

Even this yoga position known as the reclined goddess pose favours a deep state of psychophysical relaxation. You lie down in the supine position. The arms are stretched out along the sides and the palms of the hands are facing upwards. After a few breaths, bend your knees and relax your legs so that your knees gently fall back onto the yoga mat. In this way the soles of the feet touch, at this point relax and breathe.

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