How stressful it is going back to work or getting back into routine after a well deserved holiday, for many of us this represents a very difficult moment and it some cases it may cause anxiety and fear, but how can we prevent all this and get back into routine without any trauma?  Discover the 9 stress free strategies.

Getting back into routine could be much easier if we apply these 9 strategies:

  • FRIENDS: Have always been an important part of life for a human being, and it is very important to find time to enjoy with friends be it for an after work drink, town feast or art exhibition, sunday trekking or a dinner during the week are all ways to spend with friends, enjoy free time and get back into the so called “normal” life routine.
  • SPORTS: Allow yourself 1 hour a day for SPORTS.  Consider this moment your relief valve from daily pressure and don’t forget that sports shapens and tones your body too, helps free emotions and increases serotonin level, amplifying the wellness feeling.
  • GET YOUR HOME BACK: You are at home again amongst your usual things but look around you, breath the air at home and make a few little changes, the return from the holidays is the best time to give new life also to your home, perhaps by moving around some furniture or changing them or by adding some souvenirs.
  • TAKE YOUR TIME: Take your time getting back into routine do not just jump back into the usual hours etc, dedicate some time to relax perhaps like a coffee break or an easy stroll to find your inner peace and smile to the day.
  • GET BACK TO WORK WITH ENTHUSIASM: You returned from your vacation, than celebrate with your colleagues perhaps offering everyone a coffee, this could be a good way to get started and concentrat on new goals.
  • DON’T GET STRESSED BY BILLS PLAN THEM! : It is necessary realising the expenses incurred and the future deadlines, a good plan helps avoid useless anxiety and stress, you can create a nice expenses plan for autumn and start saving up for your next trip.
  • PLAN : Take advantage of the holiday’s good mood, and the ideas that came to your mind to reflect on what you want to obtain in the following months.  Write down, ideas, plans, designs and create a plan for short term, medium term and long term results.
  • PURCHASE: Don’t be let down by the long months ahead of you, but buy a low cost ticket even for only 2 days in 6 months time, in order to shut down for a while and get back the energy lost, just the idea that in a few months time you will be able to have break will keep you in a good mood for a longer period of time, even if just for a few days a vacation is always a vacation!
  • CHANGE: Back from holidays regenerated, than regenerate also your body with a few changes here and there perhaps a new hair style to change your look and start something new or else a nice massage or a subscription in a spa or fitness centre to get your shape back, take advantage of this moment to change something for the future and get rid of something from the past.

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