Bedtime herbal teas recipes!

How to make a good herbal tea in the evening or at night while avoiding nightmares and unhealthy mixtures!

Since a while now herbal teas have become a real healthy fashion but also the advise of the herbalist is replaced by yourself mixing herbs and plants that should be mixed. The herbs in fact have an enormous power and if mixed badly can do more harm than good especially in the evening when after a hectic day we are tired and anxious and just want to relax before going to sleep and precisely wanting to sleep well.

Properties of the bedtime herbal teas

The herbal teas indicated for the evening and for the night are those emollient, relaxing, that help the body in the digestion and help to relax until sleep, hence they must be delicate herbal teas based on mallow, Linden, camomile, melissa; or with a more robust flavour or specific properties according to our own needs such as the passiflora, valerian, hawthorn, verbena, lavender or escolzia.


Herbal tea with verbena and Melissa

Ingredients for 2 persons:
– A teaspoon dried verbena,
– A teaspoon dried melissa.


bedtime teaBring to a boil approximately 200 ml of water, turn off the heat to add the herbs. Leave in infusion for about 5 minutes, filter and drink naturally or with the addition of a teaspoon of honey.

This herbal tea is ideal after a day of fatigue, especially physical.
Verbena has a powerful calming and relaxing effect, it fights migraine and insomnia.

The MELISSA instead relaxes the muscles and all the nervous system,  bringing calmness and tranquillity.



Ingredients for 2 persons:
– A pinch of dried flowers of the Passionflower,
– Half a teaspoon of dried Valerian
– Half a teaspoon of Mallow.


Bring to the boil about 200 ml of water, turn off the fire and

Brew the herbs for approximately 5 minutes. Before you go to bed you can drink a cup.

The passionflower acts on the nervous system, favouring a good rest and calming especially the states of anxiety. Theherbal tea valerian, is a famous natural anxiolytic, it calms also migraine and headache.

The mallow instead, if assumed after a meal, favours the digestion and is an emollient for the whole body.



Ingredients for 2 persons:
– A teaspoon of dry camomile flowers,
– A teaspoon of dried linden flowers


Boil about 200 ml of water, turn off the heat and add the camomile and linden flowers.

Leave to macerate for about 5 minutes and drink the herbal tea as it is or with the addition of a teaspoon of honey. You can drink this herbal tea in the evening before going to sleep or when you feel particularly stressed.

Camomile relaxs the nerves and encourages sleep, thanks to the sedative, digestive and anti-inflammatory properties of its flowers.

Linden instead has soothing, diuretic as well as relaxing properties.

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