Cinnamon, dissolves fat & sugar!

Cinnamon, lets see the properties & benefits of a very important spice, a powerful natural anti-oxidant that maintains our brain young & active & reduces the risk of diabetes & atherosclerosis.

In ancient times it was considered a very precious spice & only kings & nobles afforded it, coming from the far east it was produced by rolling & drying the younger bark of the branches of a plant originating from the Island of Ceylon.  It was highly appreciated & used in the kitchen but also for its benefits & medical properties.  Nowadays the same production method is used & its healthy properties & benefits have by now been officially studied & proven, & infact it has very important therapeutic properties:

  • antioxidant
  • antibatteria
  • astringent
  • digestive
  • protects circulation
  • reduces cholesterol
  • reduces glycemia

Thanks to the antioxidants of which it is rich, cinnamon is able to protect brain cells from free radicals, & is particularly effective as an antiseptic & antibacteria for the respiratory tract.  It fights & removes also the bacteria that cause infections to the urinary tract.  Being an excellent digestive it also helps to lose weight, because it helps release fatty foods through stimulation of an enzyme called “trypsin”.  It increases the satiety feeling & calms nervous hunger.

There are two varieties of cinnamon coming from very similar plants: cinnamomum zeylanicum,  is the most appreciated variety & also commonly called the “cinnamon queen” or “Ceylon cinnamon”; than there is cinnamomum cassia also known as the “chinese cinnamon”, it is less precious with regards to its taste & also for its benefits.  To be able to distinguish them we must observe the colour & consistency, The ceylon cinnamon is lighter & its colour is reddish yellow, while the chinese cinnamon is darker & red in colour.  Moreover the ceylon cinnamon roll is much more fragile & made out of more layers, normally to figure out the quality it is important to note the thickness, the thinner the bark, the more precious is the spice.  We can find it in sticks or powder but it is best to choose the sticks because the offer better quality.  The powdered cinnamon loses quicker its aroma & properties & we must also make sure that it does not contain also other substances, infact it is often mixed with other spices, & if this could be ideal to give better taste to dishes it surely is not ideal if we want to use its beneficial properties.  Cinnamon is also found in the mix of spices which give the name to “Indian Curry”.


We can use it in the kitchen, but we can also make excellent infusions amongst which:


Put a cinnamon stick into a cup of boiling water, boil for about 5 minutes before filtering & drinking.  If using cinnamon powder (2 teaspoons) it is not necessary to boil it just let set for 5 minutes.  On the other hand we could opt for phytotherapy remedies with a cinnamon base which are for sale as dry extract, fluid extract, powder, capsules, essential oil or tincture.

In the kitchen cinnamon is very versatile & adaptable to many dishes for example Apple strudel, but also meat & fruit dishes, it is also great to spice wine, hot infusions & tea, another excellent idea is that to add cinnamon to coffee!

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