Cold sore prevention diet!

Labial herpes or cold sore unfortunately influences the lives of thousands of people with symptoms and discomforts that are rather common, repetitive and capable of affecting the social life of many of us and aggravating our total state of  health.

What is the labial herpees

The herpes (or herpees) is triggered by the presence of different viruses that occur with small blisters, located in different area depending on the virus trigger.

The most common is the labial herpes (cold sore), caused by herpessimplex, which appears on the lips in the beginning as pinch/sting, then turns into a small blister that subsequently forms a small yellow crust. The latter disappears within 7-10 days. Usually it appears when our immune defenses lower, or after the beginning of the menstrual period or in response to an intensive exposure to sunlight, but nowadays there are countless causes and unfortunately many relapses. The herpes in fact hides inside the Gasser ganglion, which trifurcation point of the trigeminal nerve and remains in a latent state until the immune defenses are lowered.

Nowadays there are many drugs and remedies available but unfortunately the herpes is a die hard, hence it is better to counterattack with a good prevention that start especially from our diet.

In order to prevent the herpes one may in fact undergo a preventive diet with a duration of 40 days, to be repeat a couple of times a year especially in during seasonal changes, a time in which our body is more run-down.

Foods to avoid:

  • Foods containing the amino acid arginine (walnuts, almonds, chocolate, peanuts, red wine, oats, sesame seeds, sunflower, coconut, barley, wheat, maize, brussels sprouts)
  •  Saturated fats, spices and jellies
  •  Simple sugars ( white sugar, glucose, sucrose, fructose, maltose, sorbitol, lactose, galactose, maple syrup, Agave juice, honey, molasses)
  • Milk and dairy products
  •  Fizzy drinks and packaged, preserved or refined foods

Food to eat with caution

  • Refined cereals (pasta, bread and polished rice)
  •  Unrefined Cane sugar

Food to be preferred

  • Foods containing the amino acid lysine (fish, seafood, organic beef, veal, pork and chicken, eggs and soy)
  • Fruit and vegetables in season
  • Cereals and wholemeal pasta (spelt, kamut, rice, quinoa, tapioca, millet)


It is necessary to drink plenty of water, far from meals and at room temperature between 1 and a half to 2 litres per day at least.

Very often also some drugs facilitate the recurrence of herpes , in particular antibiotics, corticosteroids, antidepressants and contraceptives.

We should also avoid excessive exposure to the sun or sun lamps and of course lead an active life, as much as possible at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day is recommended.

Curiosity on labial herpes (cold sore)

There are also many homemade remedies that are recommended every so often, amongst these we find toothpaste, which unlikely to what some people say is absolutely not good, or rather its application can even lead to other viruses.

Attention must be paid also to the chopstick (lip balm stick) which on the long run becomes fertile ground for the virus and may even facilitate its reappearance, therefore change it often and if you used it in the presence of cold sore, than you must throw it away.

Labial herpes is very contagious therefore until you have it, you must avoid contact with other people or even reuse the same towel but especially and unfortunately no kisses…..

Labial herpes may also be favourite to anxiety and stress

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