Crudism, how to eat raw!

What does it actually mean, and how can eating everything raw improve our body?
Crudism is a style in which people are nourished exclusively with raw food to help preserve all its nutritional characteristics. Existing foods that are sterilized or pasteurized (such as milk) are excluded from this diet.

Crudism comprises of a prevailing consumption of seasonal vegetables and fruits, oilseeds and walnuts. Thanks to the non-cooking the foods are more digestible and keep all their nutritive principles, also reducing 90% of the rubbish that it usually produced, contributing to the protection of the environment, besides drastically limiting the use of gas and electricity.

Avoid cooking, the only use of heat allowed in the Crudism diet is to warm up drinks, which however should not exceed 40 °C.

Benefits of the Crudism diet

By eliminating any cooking technique, we have already said that you do not alter the natural composition of foods, and this obviously makes them even more digestible, but the most important part is that starting a meal with a raw food you would give the body a quantity of enzymes, adjuvants of digestion;

The crudism diet is therefore highly detoxifying.

The crudism diet is ideal for anyone who has difficulties with his/her digestive system or for those who have difficulty with the food, it is also useful for  food intolerances or allergies.

It is not indicated for those who suffer from colitis, furthermore if you want to undertake this choice get there gradually.

Sweet “crudism” Recipes

Raw chocolate cake

-200 gr walnuts
-200 gr pecans

-200 gr dates’ pulp

– 200 gr raisins
– 100 gr of cocoa powder
– vanilla or cinnamon


Put the walnuts and pecans in a mixer and obtain a flour. Then with a good blender or in a food processor amalgamate this nut flour with the dates’ pulp and raisins previously soaked.

Add to the mixture the cocoa powder and the natural aromas of vanilla or cinnamon; a pinch of salt will help to enhance the flavour of the cake.

You must thoroughly mix the dough and put it in a mold to set aside for at least 2 hours in the refrigerator, after which you can taste it.


– a cup of peeled almonds
– a banana
-5 Tablespoons carob flour
1 tablespoon cocoa



crudist diet dessert

Take the peeled almonds and soak them, then with the blender obtain a grain that will then be amalgamated into a bowl with the pulp of a banana, carob flour and 1 tablespoon cocoa.

You must squash all the ingredients together and once the mixture is homogeneous you can create small cakes. They should be placed in the refrigerator and enjoyed after half an hour.


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