Fight insomnia with a smoothie!

A good smoothie with the right ingredients can facilitate sleep and fight insomnia.

Many people suffer from insomnia and unfortunately turning to drugs/medicine is not always the appropriate choice, especially if it is an occasional problem, even if sometimes it seems to us the most apropriate.

Each of us is different and must seek the remedy that is most suitable perhaps between relaxation techniques or between the various alternative remedies or drugs/medicine but almost nobody thinks about changing his/her diet that is fundamental to be able to sleep well.

The light and digestive smoothies are very effective in fighting insomnia.


In order to get adequate rest we must include fruits and vegetables in our diet and perhaps with ingredients that are easy and that do not complicate life further, let us see what ingredients to use:

More or less we all eat apples but never in the evening and this is precisely the tip i.e. eating an apple in the evening.

The Apple is rich in soluble fibre that improves our digestion and that, promotes the correct circulation of the blood, therefore digesting well makes us rest better.
It is also able to relax our body and to facilitate the proper functioning of the liver thanks to its numerous vitamins. The liver that detoxifies our organism works more during the night and therefore must be in perfect shape.

The cucumber is used very often in cosmetics because it relaxes the skin and reduces the eye bags, thanks to its pulp that has detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties. However, we can take it in the form of juice, favouring, rest thanks to its high content of magnesium.

Magnesium in fact reduces sleep disorders and limits the occurrence of insomnia.

Among the ancient populations lettuce was used to fight insomnia.

Lettuce in fact has a calming effect, it calms the nerves, helps to digest and also improves our heart rhythm, in the form of a smoothie or juice.

Raw organic Honey

In natural products stores you can certainly find this wonder that can really make a difference. The organic raw honey is in fact able to eliminate toxins freeing completely our organism that will thank us being able to rest better.

Smoothie for fighting insomnia

This is the recipe for a good and effective smoothie


-1 green apple
-3 lettuce leaves
-1 cucumber
-1 Cup of water (200 ml)
1 tablespoon organic raw honey (25 gr)
1 teaspoon of cinnamon (5 gr)


Wash well both the apples and the lettuce leaves. Cut the apples into 4 parts and remove the seeds, peel the insomniacucumber and cut into 4 parts to blend it easier.
Put in the blender the glass of water together with the organic honey, cucumber and lettuce.
Blend for a few seconds until obtaining a homogeneous compound. Drink a cup after sprinkling over it a little bit of cinnamon, for a spicier taste.

Drink the smoothie 2 hours before bedtime.

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