Which are the foods that cannot be eaten raw because, potentially toxic or poisonous

There are excellent foods which we all know that give great benefits but if consumed raw may lead us to serious harm or even be toxic and cause death, let us see which they are and what harm they cause.



raw foodThe potatoes are among the first foods that must not be eaten raw because they contain starches resistant to digestion, and failure to cooking would cause swelling and unwanted gastrointestinal effects that can also be rather strong.

If then the potatoes were in a hot place or wet for a long period, the formation of a toxin, known as solanine can occur, which can cause food poisoning.

Dr Stefano Erzegovesi, specialist in psychiatry and Nutrition Science at the Eating Disorders centre of the San Raffaele Turro Hospital declares that “The solanine is a neurotoxic substance contained in small amounts in all Solanaceae, i.e. potatoes, aubergines (eggplant), peppers, tomatoes, tobacco, belladonna and goji berries, but especially in the potatoes with sprouts, or when they start truning green, it is best to peel them well and not eat too many, maximum 500 grams per meal. The resistant starch may instead create flatulence and swelling, that is why it is advisable to cook potatoes well and to never eat them raw or undercooked”.


Keeping always in mind that sausages are never a healthy choice and that we suggest not to eat them at all, eating raw can become potentially lethal. Usually, it is thought that being precooked, the sausages can be eaten directly from the package, but in reality it is not so because the risk is that they are contaminated by listeria, a bacterium that can be only destroyed at least by heating.


Bitter almonds are different from the traditional sweet almonds and are considered to be rather dangerous because they contain hydrocyanic acid, or a dangerous combination of hydrocyanic acid and water. Fortunately it is sufficient to cook them in order not to undergo any risks. Obviously if  we eat only two or three there is no risk, the lethal dose is over 50 Almonds, an amount almost impossible to eat due to the terrible taste of these almonds.


Same as for potatoes, even raw aubergines (especially if novellas or picked at the beginning of their maturation) contain solanine, which causes rather unpleasant gastrointestinal disorders, hence it is good to use attention. To have a poisoning by solanine one should eat lots of raw aubergines, therefore they are not so dangerous, but in fact just a simple cooking and everything is resolved.


Shoots are considered healthy for definition, but there is a risk that can harm us precisely if eaten raw. By growing inraw foods hot and humid environments, this favours the proliferation of bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella and listeria. It would be appropriate to buy the freshest possible and, obviously, wash them thoroughly and cook them before eating. If grown by ourselves instead we can also eat them fresh.

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