Ginger root water against headache!!

Headache, muscle pains??  The ginger root water can be really useful.

The ginger root boasts numerous anti-inflammatory properties it is also analgesic, sedative and full of antioxidants, which make it a valuable ally for our health. Ginger is an aromatic plant used since ancient times, precisely because of the known beneficial properties and medicinal products, but also for the many recipes in which it is possible to use it in the kitchen. This is in fact a tuber with spicy flavour and a very particular taste. Ginger has become famous also for its famous herbal tea used to cure cough.  All this because ginger contains substances such as limonene, citronella and gingerol: the latter, especially is the most important because it provides a spicy flavour and gives anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and analgesic effects that are all beneficial for our organism.  Ginger also contains vitamins from B family, vitamin C and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, aluminum and chromium.  It is also poor in calories and also contains amino acids such as niacin and tryptophan, linoleic acid and enzymes such as zingibaina and proteasis.

Benefits of ginger

Ginger boasts numerous benefits and represents an aid for the treatment of pathologies such as rheumatoid arthritis, arthrosis, headaches, migraines, tension linked to stress and other chronic inflammatory disorders that we can relieve with ginger root water.

Ginger root water is therefore a real curative drink that concentrates the benefits of this plant with those of lemon juice and honey: in fact it has been demonstrated how this drink is able to counteract the effects of prostaglandin; a substance which causes migraine and an inflammation of the blood vessels in the brain.

Ginger root water is also one of the natural remedies to be used against muscular and articular pains and to accelerate the metabolism and help lose weight more easily.

Ginger root water recipe

The preparation of this hydrating and toning beverage includes simple ingredients that are easy to find, hence lets see the recipe for ginger root water:

– 5 tablespoons of fresh ginger  (approx 50g)

– 3 cups water

– The juice of half a lemon

– 2 tablespoons organic honey.


Wash thoroughly and grate the ginger root to be added to the boiling water, keep on a low flame for about two minutes.  Once this is done, turn off the fire and squeeze the juice of half a lemon , also add the organic honey, stir and drink.

This drink can also be drunk cold, about two or three cups a day.

Contraindications for the use ginger root water

There are also some contraindications because the ginger root water has many benefits, but it may also have some side effects that must be taken into account in some cases.

It is better to avoid it in the case of colitis, Crohn’s disease, duodenal ulcers and pregnancy when it might interfere with the hormonal formation of the fetus.

Ginger may also interfere with the assumption of certain drugs, such as those for diabetes or the circulatory system.

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