Discover the properies and benefits of this extraordinary plant, when and how to use it and when to avoid it!

Ginseng plant belongs to the Araliaceae family, its known for its adaptogenic and antistress properties, and is also used to cure mellitus diabetes, thanks to its hypoglycemic quality meaning they reduce glycemia.

The benefits that Ginseng gives are due to various different components present in its roots.  It contains a good number of vitamins, essential oil and polysaccharides, but also triterpenoid saponins, called ginsenosides, that are real and actual active principles of the ginseng root.


ADAPTOGENIC: It is said that it has toning and adaptogenic properties, that is it helps the capability of our organism to adapt itself to stress renforcing our immune, nervous and endocrine systems and improving physical and mental abilities.  Practically it helps our brain respond better to the situations, increasing the resistance of our organism towards various harming agents, being chemical, physical, mecchanical, pharmacological or biological.  Many studies have proven that ginseng has the ability to influence the hypothalamus-pituitary axis increasing the release of ACTH, a hormone that induces the adrenal liberation of cortisol or “stress hormone”.  The cortisol itself, promotes the glycogen & protein at muscular level synthesis, hence stimulating the immune system functions and allowing the organism better resistance to any sort of situation, cold, hot, stress etc.

HYPOGLYCEMIC: It has also been discovered that ginseng has hypoglycemic properties, that means it is ideal to reduce the concentration of blood glucose, in the case of mellitus diabetes.  The ginsenosides promote pancreatic synthesis of insulin and increase the production of glucose transportation to the liver; the panaxan (polysaccharides) instead reduce the blood glucose synthesis and increase its use in various body tissue.

STIMULATING: The most known property of ginseng is that it stimulates and strengthens, this is why it helps increase temporarily all the functions in a fast way, giving an improvement in reflexes, acceleration in nervous response, reduction of mental fatigue and a boost in physical resistance and memory, hence it is very useful for studying or when practicing sports.

APHRODISIAC: It has always been considered an aphrodisiac food especially for men, ginseng stimulates sexual desire and functions and this property seems to be linked to the ability of increasing the release of nitric oxide from the endothelial cells of the penis’s cavernosa; the following vasodilation will help obtain a more vigorous erection.  In Chinese medicine the most aphrodisiac ginseng is the red one; the colour is due to the treatment of the root with steam (120°-130°C for approximately 2-3 hours) followed by essication.

It is recommended to take it in the morning and however not after 4:00p.m. to avoid sleeping problems.

-Soft extract 30-40 mg per day
-Capsules or tablets 2 per day
-Tincture 30 drops 1 – 2 times a day

The assumption of ginseng is not recommended if suffering from, hypertension, tachycardia, palpitations, insominia, anxiety, tremors, headache & convulsions, in the presence of serious psychiatric diseases, pregnancy and breast feeding AND IF YOU ALREADY USE HYPOGLYCEMIC MEDICINALS OR INSULIN.

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