Lemme diet does good or bad?

What is Lemme’s diet, how does it work & most of all does it put our health at risk?

Nowadays we are hearing a lot about this Lemme’s diet & its creator, this person’s name is heard almost everywhere leaving contrasting opinions, same as his diet, that for some people seems to be a miracle whilst for others its a real nightmare.  Like in all other things there are admirers & detractors, but lets see what its all about & perhaps get a clearer picture so that everyone can have his/her own opinion, regarding this strange diet.

The inventor of this diet is the pharmacist Alberico Lemme from Desio (Monza) which he calls “food philosophy”, were food is used as a medicine.  Large quantities of food, usually meat & fish, without salt & at specific times of the day, for example “breakfast 400g of spaghetti “aglio olio & peperoncino, lunch 1.2kg beef ribs & dinner 700g of asparagus & spinach”, Dr Lemme has often recommended.  The first phase is the weightloss phase were one arrives to his/her ideal weight & already in the first month could lose up to 15-17kg (Lemme believes) & the second phase is a 3 month phase were we learn how to eat correctly (according to Lemme) & eat anything we like without putting on any weight. During the second part we must only calculate the glycemic index of the food we eat & the time we eat without considering the calories.  Dr. Lemme gives us the meal times & has also put down a list of which foods are forbidden & not.  The meals must be divided as follows:
Breakfast by: 09:30
Lunch: between 12:00 & 14:00
Dinner: between 19:00 & 21:00.

The rules to follow:
-Abolish salt: it must never be used not even in the water for the pasta because it will increase the glycemic index & is also responsible for hypertension.
-Abolish sugar:  it stimulates insulin & increases adiposity.
-Abolish bread:  the combination that puts the consumption of bread & pasta must be avoided, because it will give us excessive carbs & there quantity will be greater than the ones in pasta & greater than the quantity of fruit & vegetables consumed.

We can consume meat & fish, keeping in mind that we can cook these products with a bit of oil as dressing but always avoiding salt.  We can drink as much water, coffee & tea as we like, because according to the chemist, they have notable benefits when it comes to weight loss, since they stimulate hormones that have the opposite effect of insulin.
Any type of cooking method is permitted even frying, & as dressing we can use the following; lemon, basil, garlic, sage, rosemary, chilli, parsley & onion.

According to Dr. Lemme the following foods should be completely removed; carrots, tomatoes, salt, fruit, vinegar, milk, wine & cakes (sweets) since they are all responsible for the production of a large quantity of fat.

We should now consider things from a nutritional point of view & we can immediately say that the initial loss of weight is due to the elimination of salt, that as we all know detains the liquids in our body.  Before starting this type of diet we suggest you ask your Doctor for advice or at least seek a nutritionist who is able to calculate your body mass & composition, since this type of diet being rich in protein could cause fatigue to liver & kidneys, with the risk of damaging these organs.  Furthermore the fact that there are no snacks included in this diet could alarm our brain that on the long run will slow down our metabolism & a slow metabolism ends up comprosing the entire health of our organism.

From an ethical point of view we must also take into consideration the mortifying attitude the chemist has towards his clients by insulting them & calling them names, also towards who is overweight or obese & has nothing to do with him.  Moreover Lemme keeps on stating that fruit & vegetables make us get fat, but honestly with all due respect this is just pure fantasy, it is very difficult to believe in such a statement especially because it has been years if not decades that the increase in red meat, fast food & junk food consumption are giving a hard time to the world’s statistics that have shown a boost in overweight & obesity, but also the constant effort of doctors, philosophers, naturopaths, athletes & many others involved in teaching & educating people to follow a healthy life style & diet based on fruit & vegetables.

We have now illustrated what for us was he deficit of this regime & also of its creator, but we have also illustrated the principles & bases of this method in order to keep you informed & up to date, now its up to you to give yourself an idea & act accordingly!

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