Muscles, how to nourish them & with which foods.

How to choose the right foods for our muscles, to increase our lean mass & burn more calories.

Muscles represent the lean mass of the organism, that is the mass that helps us burn more calories & frees us from overweight, but it is necessary to feed our muscles in the correct way & learn which are the right foods.

The human body is made out of Fat mass & Lean mass, the first is obviously made out of fat & the second from muscles, to lose weight in the correct way we must increase our lean mass (also accelerates metabolism) & let the fat mass slowly disappear.  However it is not always this way & it is not easy, we must know which foods to prefer from others & also how to exercise in the correct way.  Only with a correct diet & specific exercise we can nourish our lean mass,  using fully the calorie content from the food.  Muscles are built thanks to the protein that is the main nutrient for lean mass,  since they also help in the repair process of muscle fibre & stimulate muscle growth itself.  The quantity to be assumed daily obviously varies from 1 person to another & also from 1 body to another, but on average experts agree on a value between 0.8 – 1g per kg of body weight.
Muscle is mainly made from water & if the cells are hydrated well, the muscle mass synthesis process occurs much easier, and once again water turns out to be fundamental for hydration, especially after exercising since we sweat & therefore lose electrolytes that are fundamental for a correct oxygenization.

In order to protect our muscles the following elements must never be leftt out:

  • SALMON, 100g of salmon gives us 185 kcal & contains 20% protein & 12%  lipids: these are mainly polyunsaturated fats (example omega 3) hence very important for our organism, thanks to there anti-inflammatory, anti-premature ageing & anti- free radical properties.  Moreover salmon contains a large number of vitamins.
  • EGGS, its better to eat only the eggwhite, since cholesterol is present in the yolk, in large quantities, whilst in the eggwhite there are pure proteins with very little calories.
  • SPINACH, rich in glutamine, a very important aminoacid ideal to increase muscle growth, spinach is also a source of iron that gives oxygen to the muscle fibres.
  • NUTS, are rich in monounsaturated fat, protein, essential micronutrients & minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, selenium & zinc.  It is important though to eat very small portions since they contain a great amount of calories.
  • SOY, is a source of vegetable protein with all the essential aminoacids, & is also a great source of arginine that increases the level of the growth hormone, therefore able to increase the lean mass.

Muscles feed on protein for the majority but carbs must never lack because they are also indispensable for a correct function of our organism & if completely excluded we risk to stress our kidneys, therefore it is best to choose wholemeal food & we could still choose the cereals that contain the largest amount of protein like for example QUINOA, that could be used as rice, or KHOROSAN wheat (kamut), which has also a cleansing effect.  Also Oats & spelt are excellent; joinin them with legumes they give us all the aminoacids necessary for the protein synthesis.

In order to keep our muscles in excellent state we need also vitamins & minerals like:

  • ZINC, a shortage reduces testosterone, fundamental for the lean mass maintenance; we find it in clams, liver, red meat, walnuts & chestnuts.
  • VITAMIN C, controls our cortisol level, diet’s number one enemy, vitamin C is found in oranges, lemons, acerola and so on.
  • VITAMIN D, its shortage seems to be linked to body fat (research conducted by the University of Minnesota).  It is found in milk, eggs, liver, legumes & bluefish.

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