By now it has been confirmed that Palm oil (or fat) consumption can  lead very serious health problems.  This has been confirmed through various different studies conducted by various scientists & researchers, the latest italian study conducted by the universities of Bari, Padova & Pisa in collaboration with the “Società Italiana di Diabetologia”, confirmed that palm oil is capable of destroying the cells found in our pancreas which produce insuline.  Palm oil therefore does not only cause irreversible damage to our cardiovascular system but also affects diabetes mellitus. Palm oil acts directly on our beta cells, destroying them causing non adeguate insuline production.  Unfortunately palm oil consumption is very easy especially for children, since it is found in most breakfast products, biscuits & snacks.

Things to know about cultivation & extraction

The palm tree from which the oil is extracted is cultivated mainly in Malaysia & Indonesia.  To produce this product many parts of the tropical rainforests are destroyed like the forests on the Island of Sumatra.  These forests are the natural habitat of elephants, tigers, orangos, rhinocerous & many other animals & reptiles, by destroying them we are forcing these creatures to extinction.  Unfortunately and unknowingly we consume various quantities of palm oil during the day through many different products & bakery items such as; biscuits, snacks, cereals, crackers & bread.  It can also be found in ice cream, & pastries.  It is very important to know that about 80% of the palm oil used in the food industry is listed in the ingredients of a product as Vegetable oil or fat & not specified in 90% of the products.  Palm oil can cause damages to heart & arteries due to the high concentration of saturated fat acids, therefore it is adivsable to avoid it as much as possible.

Why is Palm oil fundamental for the food industry multi nationals?

The large fat compound found in palm oil is very important for the food industry, because it bestows solidity to a product even at room temperature.  Therefore saturated fat acids like for example palmitic acid & the unsaturated fat acids like oleic & linoleic acid, which combined together have the same efficciency but also the same problems of butter. Here is the explanation of the mystery.  We would like to remind you to take good care & check ingredients well especially in products aimed for children such as; cereals, crackers, spreads ice cream, also baby products like powdered milk & soluble biscuits.  Luckily enough thanks to protests & claims done by many mothers, many brands producing products aimed for children such as plasmon decided to make a move and reduce products containing palm oil.  Also other brands Like “Mulino Bianco” already laucnhed on the market bicuits specifying the non use of palm oil, however this same brand still uses palm oil in the majority of its products.  lets hope therefore to slowly reach a turning point.

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