Cancer is fought with prevention & a correct lifestyle, learn how to take care of yourself at table, in life & with a lot of prevention!

Nowadays we hear about this disease every day, it is the disease of the century & reaps people almost each day, even though luckily enough science is evolving daily and nowadays it is possible to heal from various types of tumors, it is necessary though to take the adeguate prevention through periodic screening and check ups but especially through daily behaviour and habits, like eating healthy, practicing sports, practicing yoga, fighting stress and so on.  Lets see how to improve daily and practically our lifestyle.


Three out of ten tumors are caused by bad eating habits: Tre tumori su dieci sono causati da una cattiva alimentazione: AIRC (Italian association for cancer research) reaffirms it constantly and this is quite a disconcerting fact.

Therefore the food we eat is the main cause of our state of health.  The most recent scientific researches highlighted that tumors like the ones of the gastrointestinal tract, esophagus, stomach and colon, are affected by the quantity & quality of the food that we intake, hence by just eating in a healthier way we could already prevent about three quarters of these tumors, if we than start revolutionising a bit at a time all our lifestyle and habits we could probably make many steps forward.

We hear more and more often talking about nutraceutical foods and anti cancer foods, but what does this exactly mean?
This means that in certain foods, certain natural chemical compounds are able to slow down the growth of cancer cells, others facilitate apoptosis, that is the “programmed suicide” of the cells, a natural protection mechanism for our body.  Furthermore various plant/vegetable origin foods have a particular property called antiangiogenesis, that is a property that blocks the development of new blood vessels in the proximity of the tumor, making it difficult for them to feed themselves and therefore grow.
We also ffind foods that act on the microenvironment, that is on the general state of our organism in the proximity of the cells, facilitating the functions of our immune system and obstructing the cancer cells, forbidding them to develop themselves in a favourable environment.


Starting from the fact that we must eat correctly, therefore fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis, than there are foods that are particularly useful such as:

ORANGES (the blood oranges are the richest in anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants.  They have a very important prevention function, promoting the detoxication of our organism.  They are particular useful in preventing esophagus & liver tumors)

SEAWEED (rich in Fucoxantine and fucoidan seaweeds are particularly precious, infact they stimulate our immune response against cancer & slow down the growth of the cancer cells)

TOMATOES (very rich in lycopene, the tomato should be cooked with an addition of  olive oil.  Ideal for the prevention of prostate cancer)

SPICES (Turmeric & ginger in first place for their very powerful anti-inflammatory properties, but also common aromas such as basil, oregano, and rosemary have anti-cancer properties)

PROBIOTICS (recent studies prove the effectiveness of probiotics (the bacteria that go through the stomach’s barrier) in the prevention against colon cancer, therefore it is ideal to chose an excellent natural yoghurt rich in these elements)

FOREST FRUITS (Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries & in general all types of red fruits/berries have very strong antioxidant properties because they are all rich in polyphenol.  They protect our DNA from cell mutations & also slow down the growth of cancer cells)

CABBAGE (Cabbages and cruciferous vegetables are a real and actual defence against cancer.  Their preventive action regards, bladder cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer & prostate cancer)

GARLIC (it contains 3 molecule that start acting when it is sliced these molecules protect our DNA.  It is fundamental to consume fresh garlic)

ONION (contains sulphur which contrasts the growth of cancer cells)

SOY (Recent studies highlighted that consuming 50g of soy each day reduces the possibility by 50% of encountering breast cancer, better if starting at a young age thanks to the isoflavones that protect us from the major part of tumors caused by hormones)

FISH (Oily fish, that is the ones containing the most omega 3 are those that protect us from cancer & heart disease.  Sardines and Salmon reduce the risk of breast, colon and prostate cancer)

FLAX SEEDS (are rich in omega 3 and phytoestrogens that protect from breast cancer)

GREEN TEA (rich in polyphenol, the Japanese variety is better than the Chinese one)

RED WINE (with one glass of red wine and not more excellent results have been seen in the progression and prevention against cancer and in the prevention against heart disease and brain cell degeneration)

CHOCOLATE (rich in antioxidants)

We also have many foods which are pro cancer and therefore must be very careful, infact we must::

  • Reduce the consumption of red meat and avoid the consumption of preserved meats. Red meat includes, Sheep meat, pork, beef and veal.  These are all not recommmended but for those who are used to eating them and do not want to do without we recommend not to excedd 500g per week.  Furthermore if to red meat we say reduce, to preserved meat we say AVOID, products like, canned meat, cold cuts, ham, sausages and so on.
  • Reduce the consumption of alcohol. We should observe the rule we all know that is limiting ourselves to 1 glass (120ml) of wine for women and 2 glasses for men, usually during meals.
  • Reduce the consumption of salt (not more than 5g a day) and preserved salted foods. We must pay attention to contaminated foods and those containing mold, paying special attention to the state of cereals and legumes.
  • Reduce the consumption of food with a large content of calories and also the consumption of beverages containing sugar. Normally industrially refined, precooked and prepacked foods contain loads of calories and elevated quantities of sugar and fat and obviously food served at fast food stores.  We must avoid completely soft drinks and those containing sugar because they provide us with an abbundance of calories without increasing our satiety feeling and they are real an actual chemical and sugar concentrates.


Scientists agree that we must:

Mainain ourselves slender for life and apart from the aesthetic and visual factor, to make sure we can use the body mass index system and understand how we are made and try to keep in the so called NORMAL WEIGHT parameters.
Maintain ourselves physically active regularlypractically a fast walk of the duration of 30 minutes each day and increasing gradually the physical effort is sufficient.  Unfortunately in the last few years an increase in the use of vehicles/cars has been registered even for very short distances also much more time is spent on the couch watching tv or so called “relaxing”, these are the main causes of sedentarity especially in cities.


There are behaviours that must be avoided like sedentarity but also habits that are even more harmful, and amogst the main ones we find nothing less but SMOKING.  By now we all know the harm caused by cigarettes and we surely know that if smoking did not exist lung cancer would be almost extinct.  But not only lung cancer is linked to smoking but also mouth cancer, bladder cancer (the latter is infact exposed to the toxic substances disposed of through urine) and stomach cancer, therefore if you really don’t want to stop smoking at least try to limit and reduce notably the consumption.

Another habit if so we can call it is the use of illicit substances during sports training/practicing, that is the use of anabolic substances that alter the hormone levels that facilitate the development of different types of cancer.

The famous TAN is also a very widespread habit but also a very harmful one too, infact exposing ourselves to the sun without adeguate protection is the best way to put at risk the health of our skin & make it age rapidly.  But there is also a greater and more serious risk, that is inducing the appearance of melanomas, that is skin’s malignant tumors.  Naturally children must be protected more since the amount of melanoma may increase according to the amount of childhood burns, therefore we must never under estimate this harm and totally protect our children and ourselves even if we think that we already have a darker skin.

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