Yerba Mate, is a herb that has been used for centuries in South America, it has very powerful stiating properties, hence ideal for weight loss it also has many other qualities!


Yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis), known also as Erva Mate or Cimarrón, is an evergreen tree belonging to the Aquifoliceae family.  Originating from Brazil and Paraguay, it spread also in other regions in South America, it is a tree that can grow up to 20m in height.  Its flowers are grouped in small bunches, whilst its leaves are isolated, leathery, bright and serrated.  Its fruits are reddish berries.

The Spanish colonizers in South America, learned the ancient art of the mate preparation: The chopped leaves are used by the indegenous people for the preparation of a sort of infusion called mate.  The indegenous people still drink the mate from a Calabash (empty pumpkin) thats were the name mate comes from which in Spanish means “empty vuota” and is referring to a small recipient, an emptied and dried pumpkin, in which Yerba mate is traditionally served.

Nowadasy mate is widespread even in Europe but for the South Americans it is a very consolidated tradition, and for them drinking a cup of mate is equivalent to drinking a cup of tea/coffee for us.


Yerba mate is a plant of numerous properties and can be consumed either as mate tea or infusion (hot or cold), its properties remain unvaried.

These are the properties:

  • SATIATING: Yerba mate is often used asa natural assistant in weight loss diets, since it helps increase metabolism and consequently helps dispose of fat and calories in excess.
  • DIURETIC:  It helps purify our organism becausse it helps expel toxins and other waste from our organism.  It is also indicated for the prevention of kidney stones thanks to these properties.
  • ANTIOXIDANT: The Yerba Mate infusion is  rich in polyphenols which guarantee a beneficial antioxidant action on our organism’s cells.
  • ENERGISING: It is typically used to increase mental stimulation and therefore is a valid alternative to coffee since it is free from side effects.  The Yerba Mate infact contains Mateine a substance similar to caffeine, Mateine, is a chemical substance whos action is to stimulate our nervous system, hence improving mental activities, increasing energy and contributing to better concentration.  Furthermore it is recommended to those who practice a lot of sports or undergo intensive physical activity because it helps slow down the production of lactic acid in muscles, hence allowing one to practice for a longer period of time.
  • HELPS DIGESTION: It helps our organism in digestion, reducing the time in which the food is stored in our stomach and intestine, giving us a better satiety feeling and a faster and more efficient provision of energy to our cells.
  • REDUCES CHOLESTEROL AND GLYCEMIA: Yerba mate contributes to the reduction of cholesterol and glycemia.  Increases the blood flow in our organism and the provision of oxygen to the heart, this is done thanks to the presence of theophylline which is capable of stimulating the heart muscle.
  • REDUCES ANXIETY: It is able to reduce significantly anxiety, improving mood especially in the case of depression.
  • ANTICANCER: The active principles contained in Yerba Mate are capable of destroying the cancer cells which are responsible for colon cancer, by literally killing them.


In many cases it is used to replace coffee also because it is recognised as a healthy and rich in caffeine form of cffee.  The effects of the caffeine that it contains usually last longer than the ones given by coffee and are generally toleraed better.  But it can also be used as a supplement to increase mental stimulation, strengthen the immune system and relieve physical pain, infact assuming a Yerba Mate infusion in the evening can turn out very useful for our organism to regain the energy lost during the day.  To help in digestion a for correct stomach and bowel functioning it is recommended to assume it after a meal.

The mate can be prepared just the same as tea, by letting some leaves simmer in boiling water for a few minutes than filtering the liquid immediately after.  It is a natural beverage but doses vary from person to person since in some it could cause the same effects as caffeine therefore, insomnia, tachycardia, nervousness etc.  The only valid indication according to us is to follow the instructions on the packet or the ones given by the herbalist who will surely lead you in the right direction.

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