Ten tricks to keep skin looking young even in winter, ten ways how to pamper your skin & keep bright & young even during the cold winter days.

During the winter period & with low temperatures our skin suffers much more, also because it tends to dry much more due to the cold & wind, therefore it requires more care & attention, this is how these ten tricks to keep skin young are perfect become necessary:

  • HYDRATION: you must keep your skin hydrated everyday & even various times per day especially if you suffer from, dermatitis or psoriasis.
  • LUKEWARM WATER: wash with lukewarm water not too hot, because it drys up the skin a lot and you will end up with very dry legs, heels & hands, this goes also for when washing hands, better not to exagerate with warm water.
  • NO AGGRESSIVE SOAPS: do not use aggressive soaps but try to chose natural soaps with no parbens.
  • ALWAYS USE SUNGLASSES: Even if it is winter & it doesn’t seem necessary, it is always good to use sunglasses during the daytime to protect our eyes & skin.
  • USE SUNSCREEN: even if it does not seem necessary, sun rays could be stronger during winter than during summer sometimes causing permanent damage because we are unprepared, thats why it is always advisable to put some sunscreen on our face, or maybe a BB cream with a protection ideal for your type of skin.
  • AVOID ALCOHOL & TOBACCO: alcohol & smoke ruin our skin, drying it quicker & producing free radicals, the main cause of pre mature ageing.
  • INCREASE THE CONSUMPTION OF VITAMIN C: vitamin c helps our skin, therefore we must increase the consumption of fresh fruit & vegetables, also rich in anti-oxidants, & you can also add once or twice a week a vitamin C serum, usually found in small vials to be applied before the day cream, Vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen indispensable for our skin.
  • REMOVE MAKEUP EVERY EVENING: after a long day, it is also good to remove makeup thouroughly, & even if you have not put on any makeup it is ideal to clean our skin well, with a very delicate milk on some cotton, than rinse & put tonic, before applying delicately the night cream, because at night the cream works better especially if massaged softly on our face.
  • HYDRATE LIPS: often talking about skin, we forget the importance & delicateness of our lips, that must be constantly hydrated especially during the winter period, to do this could keep handy a lip balm.
  • WINTER IS IDEAL FOR PEELING: this period is ideal for exfoliation, especially if we have stains or blotchiness, take advantage of this season for peeling treatments.


One last advice to keep in mind is not to neglect the area around our eyes, this area is very delicate & requires more attention & care, therefore it is required to use a specific cream especially at night.

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