Turmeric properties and benefits!

Discover the properties and benefits of Turmeric a spice that comes from far but that is entering our lives more often.


Turmeric is relative of ginger, it is cultivated throughout India, in other regions of Asia and in Africa. Its particularity is the golden colour of the powder obtained from its rhizome, which is a stem similar to a root that grows underground (This is why it is related to ginger)

Turmeric for its colouring properties, is used as a dye in textiles and food colouring in products such as curry, mustard and cheese. It has a particular and bitter flavour.
The quality of the turmeric most widely used is that which is derived from the Species Curcuma longa, also called saffron of the Indies. Its name is derived from the Sanskrit “Kum-Kuma”, and is the main ingredient of the Indian curry.

The fame of turmeric however is due to the properties and benefits it brings to the organism.

Lets see the properties and benefits of turmeric:

One of the most interesting and also important properties of turmeric is its antitumor effect . This plant, in fact, can fight the onset of leukemia and of eight types of cancer affecting the colon, prostate, mouth, lungs, liver, skin, kidney and breast.

In the beginning this seemed to be only a belief and nothing else but medical research and especially statistics have given credit and give credit every day to the anticancer properties of turmeric and in fact in India and more in general in Asia (the continent with the highest consumption of turmeric), the incidence of tumors is much lower compared to the rest of the world.

Turmeric also has antioxidant properties, since it is capable of transforming the free radicals into harmless substances for our organism. It is therefore capable of slowing down cellular aging.

Turmeric has also cicatrizing properties, the application of the rhizomes (roots therefore) of turmeric on wounds, burns, insect bites and dermatitis gives immediate relief and speeds up the healing process.

Turmeric also has coleretiche-colagoghe properties, i.e. encouraging the production of bile and its natural outflow in the intestine. It also improves the functioning of the stomach and intestine and helps fight cholesterol, since it facilitates the disposal of excess fats. It also helps in the case of flatulence and meteorism.

Turmeric is also one of the most powerful natural remedies in circulation against joint pains and flu, therefore it is a perfect anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and pain reliever.


Although it seems that it does very good, turmeric is not for everyone, and indeed we must not exaggerate with the consumption of turmeric. Also the people who suffer from gallstones must avoid consuming turmeric and curry because these spices could worsen the disease.

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